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About Us
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We are a team of specialist and experienced staff who share the vision of a world where no child is left behind.

We understand that the UK education sector s delivering fantastic outcomes; however, with an increasing number of children struggling in mainstream education, the demands on teachers and support staff are on the rise. Unfortunately, long waiting lists for support are adversely affecting students' ability to engage effectively in their education.

Remedicare Education Services collaborates closely with Local Authorities, SEN, and Mainstream Schools to provide support to students who are at risk or have already become disengaged. Our primary objective is to help these students re-engage in their education and reach their full potential.

Throughout the southeast, we have partnered with various provisions to assist them with the most challenging students, thereby preventing crises and ensuring that every child is given the best opportunity for success.

Our Services

We aim to help young people that may have varying levels of need, including those who:


• displaying varying degrees of challenging presentations

• vulnerable to poor attendance and/or refusing to attend school (EBSNA)

• Those in need of a small therapeutic setting

• experiencing social and emotional difficulties

• at risk of exclusion (fixed term and/or permanent)

• who would benefit from additional support either in school or accessing an off-site provision

"Every child deserves a champion - an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be" 

Rita Pierson
Ted Talk 2013



We really appreciate the way you work with this young person, it is so child focused. It is so very reassuring for us, we are lucky to have found you. The support you have offered has been invaluable.  You have enabled him to re-engage in education and avoid PEX.

Headteacher SEN School, Berkshire

Remedicare has significantly improved the quality of the therapeutic offer at my school. As an SEMH school it is vital that the young people who attend have access to therapy that is sensitive to their needs. The Therapist has been able to smoothly work with all our children and now they regularly seek her out to attend their sessions. There is no stigma or shame from them and this is down to the skilful approach from Remedicare, they have become a valuable member of our school team.

Executive Principle, SEMH School

After a long period of exclusions and physical aggression this young person is settling into class with his peers, joining assembly and now we can support him during social times. This work has been transformative to date.

Headteacher, Mainstream Primary, West Berkshire


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Remedicare Education Services - The Phoenix Centre

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Tel: 0118 207 0944

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